What frame Thickness Should I choose?

When it comes to selecting the fame thickness it really is a personal preference. There is no wrong or right answer, it’s really about how you feel about the look and the price.

I think a simple way to put this would be the ‘Lite’ frame we offer is a cheaper frame because less wood is involved, the finished product still looks professional albeit less chunky but, this does not alter the quality of the finished product.

We offer the ‘Lite’ product so our artwork is more assessable to more people. I actually had a few pieces made when testing the quality of the printing and had them all made in the ‘Lite’, they are on our walls and I’m very happy with them. I have other pieces of art on our walls that have the thicker finish, they also look good.

The options are there for you, go with the one that you feel best suits your needs and your budget.

Mirrored or Wrapped Image

These two options create a different finish on the canvas. A simple way to show this is in an image as shown below. For illustration purposes and because it highlights the result better than the thinner frame, I have used an example frame thickness of 1.5in.

The image on the left has a ‘Mirror Image’ border whereas the image on the right has a ‘Image Wrap’ border.

-The ‘Mirror Image’ just mirrors the front edge of the canvas as you can see.

-The ‘Image Wrap’ takes the image and pushes it out to the borders this is done by making the image believe the borders form the whole of the printing area. This makes the overall printing area bigger and so thus for changes the position on the front of the canvas. You now have less of the image on the front as the image is enlarged to fill the bigger printable area.