-Where do you ship to?

At present we only ship to the UK but will look into expanding this as we progress.

-What is the shipping time?

All our items are made to order. You select the colour, size, style or finish and we produce the item to this specification. This means that finishing times do vary from item to item but, as soon as you pay your item/s go straight into production with our production team, this happens 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Most items are shipped around 2-3 days via the Royal Mail 2nd class option. For more information on specific product times see our shipping page here. This information is also found on every product page under the tab titled ‘shipping information’.

-How much is shipping?

All UK shipping is free, we only offer a standard service at the moment but it gets the job done and items arrive in pretty good time after they have been produced.

-Can I send items as gifts?

We offer the option to send to a different shipping address. This means that if you are paying for the item you would fill in the ‘billing address’ details, then just click the box below that says ‘Ship to a different address?’ If you fill in this part of the form then this is the address we will send your items to, no billing information is included. Unfortunately we cannot add a note to the order (saying who the item came from) at this time so we always recommend just giving the person a heads up so they know an item is coming.

-Where are you based?

We are based in the UK and reside just over the English border into Wales.

-What does Faux Linen Mean?

It means a linen like material or a material made to mimic the look and feel of linen. Our faux linen cushions are made from 100% polyester, so in this case faux linen means polyester.

-Where are the items made?

All our products are printed here in the UK.

-How do I contact you?

Pop over to our contact form page found here and drop us a message, we’ll get back to you asap.

-Do you offer discounts?

The first product you purchase in any category will be full price but after that we offer a discount per additional item. The discount offered is displayed at the top of each single product page as well as a full list of discounts in the tab titled ‘discounts’ found on every product page.

-Do you offer fast/Special Delivery shipping?

At the moment this is not something we offer as we are trying to streamline the production process so items go into production straight away without needing our input, this means using the same (or similar) shipping method across all our products. Adding extra shipping services will make this process manual and slow do the production time.

-I love your items, how often do new products come around?

Great to hear you like what we do, we have new items added weekly so just sign up for our newsletter here and we’ll let you know when new product lines have been added, alternatively just pop back and see us when the mood takes you.

-What if there is an issue with the item I receive?

Issues with items are rare but when they happen we want to get them sorted for you. Please drop us a message using the product issue form found here, you can include images to help show the problem you have found. We will then take a look at the issues and get a replacement into production.

-Who creates your art?

All the art is created my myself (Simon). Using digital art techniques as well as using AI to create beautiful pieces of art.

-Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

So, here’s the deal: Once you hit that “order” button, our production wizards spring into action faster than you can say “custom-made magic.” Your order zooms straight into production mode, tailored specifically for you and the options you have selected. That’s right, it’s your own personalised masterpiece in the making. So, before you commit to hitting “buy,” just make sure you’re absolutely, positively thrilled with your choice. Once the payment’s in, there’s no turning back – our production team doesn’t do cancellations as they start working on your order straight away. It’s all part of the custom-made adventure!

If your order arrives and it’s exactly what you ordered – no surprises, no monkey business – then, sorry to break it to you, but refunds are off the table. We’ve got it plastered all over our site, from the product page to the fine print in our T&C’s, and even in those emails you barely skimmed through (we see you). Why? Because each and every one of our items is lovingly crafted just for you, that’s right they are custom made just for you. You pick the size, the style, the colour – heck, even the mood if you could! We’re all about giving you options so you can get exactly what you’re after. And because we’re all about that custom life, refunds are a no-go as outlined in the distance selling regulations section about custom made to order products. So, choose wisely, my friends! Of course if there is an issue with the item then let us know straight away and we’d be only too happy to sort this out for you.